I am Andrea Quintarelli! Welcome to my Blog!

I am an italian Race Engineer and i work on racecars since 2003. During the first years i worked above all with italian teams involved in single seater racings (like Target Racing, BVM and Corbetta Competizioni), from the begininng as Data Engineer and then as Race Engineer.

The car on which i spent the most of my time was Formula 3. An amazing car! One of the few series in the world where you were free to do nearly whatever you want, if you know how and, of course, if you have the money to do so! It’s not a case if the most talented drivers that landed to formula 1 in the last few years come from formula 3 championships (Vettel, Hamilton, Rosberg, Kubica, Alguersari just to mention one of them)

Formula 3 gives to team a lot of freedom from a technical point of view: with the exception of some aerodynamic stuff and all the things connected to driver safety, you can work on every aerea of the car and, if you want, you can also build some parts of the car on your own.

Of course, you (normally) buy a chassis and an engine. Dallara is market leader for chassis productions. For many years they were the only manufacturer building F3 chassis and their cars are really good: fast, reliable, easy to understand and very strong as well.  But in the last years somebody is trying at least to compete with them, although it is not an easy task.

In 2006, with Target Racing, we were the only team in the world working on the development of one of the non-Dallara car, the SLC R1, running it in German Formula 3 Championship.  The car was not so bad, but because of budget trouble we couldn’t go on trying to improve our product. But it was a good experience anyway! We had some good results, like the pole position in Nurburgring Race.

I then worked in German Formula 3 Championship in 2007 and 2008 as well.

As you can understand, i like Formula 3 very much. And, on the other hand hate spec series. But this is another story..

In 2009 i came back in Italy and i engineered a car at Corbetta Competizioni..again Formula 3! And again budget problems. Anyway, we had some good races and i had fun. I learned a lot. Dallara F308 is a real aero car. It is really ride height sensitive and one of the things you had to have always under control is dynamic ride height and pitch. A lot of teams are developing devices like third springs and dampers to vertical movement control from roll and we built our devices as well.  Mechanich grip, moreover, still plays a big role in the whole package, above all in slow corners. It’s really not so easy to find the right balance! You can have fun with these cars!

During this years i grown experience on data analysis, car development and design, driver coaching, simulation and car setup.

In 2010, i worked for the first time on a touring car: I was Johhny Herbert Race Engineer at Motorzone Racecar, a team involved in Superstars International Series. Maybe someone of you knows the guy!

The Championship is a series where big V8 Sedans compete one against each other on some of the  most important european tracks and in Kyalamy, at the end of the season! Among them you can find Mercedes C63, BMW M3, Cadillac, Audi RS4, Jaguar and, of course, our Chevrolet Lumina CR8!

The cars are nearly stock, rules permit just a few big changes but a lot of parts must be the same than the street car. But, at the same time, there are a lot of things where rules allow (more or less clearly) to work on and to prepare the car to race is an hard job anyway. Moreover, it is not a spec series, so you don’t have to use the bars they say, the springs they say, the dampers they say etc. If you need to you can design some of your car components by your own and you can manage your setup quite freely. And the car has a lot of HP and a lot of mass to manage…You can see some really good races!

In the mean time, i finished my studies on vehicle engineering in Modena with a master degree work on multibody simulation of a Formula 3 car.

Between 2009 and 2010 i have been also Modena University Formula Student Team Leader, driving the design process of our 2010 car and managing team organization. For those of you who don’t know what Formula Student (or Formula SAE ) is, this is a competition where Universities from all around the world compete one against each other bulding and running a small single seater car. It’s a real races, where your project is evaluated from a design and a marketing point of view and from a performance point of view, with events like an acceleration race, a skid pad a flying lap and an endurance race. Some of the cars you can see there are really good made, and some of them have very interesting solutions. In the last years a lot of F1 Designers, like Newey, Brawn, Costa used to come and see this competition.

In this Blog, i would like to share with you my thoughts, my experience, my ideas and doubts about racecars and more! I hope you’ll enjoy it!



  1. Hi Andrea, I love your work on the blog, please keep it up!
    My name is Jose, I am finishing my studies in mechanical engineering and I’m also involved in a project of Formula student.


  2. Hey Andrea, is there a way to subscribe to your blog so that I can receive notifications about any recent post you make?


    • Abhi,

      you can follow my Blog, if you signed yourself in. It is the easiest way to be informed about any new post.

      Thanks for your interest!

      • I wasn’t able to see a sign-up box where I could enter my e-mail address to receive the latest updates like other blogs have. But I have added the blog to my list of subscriptions through my account.

  3. Awesome Job !!!!

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