Posted by: drracing | November 10, 2017

2017 – 24 Hour Race Technology Article

Hi everybody!

This is just a very short post to share with you a couple of updates about my latest projects.

The most important news is that (not one but) two articles i wrote are featured in this year 24 Hour Race Technology issue.
The articles are about tyres and tyre modeling, with a specific focus on 2017 LMP2 tyres, their performance and the effects of specific parameters and strategy decisions on cars performance. There is a more theoretical part about tyre models and then a more “practical application” example, where my LMP2 vehicle model and my DIL simulator have been used to evaluate numerically the impact of said parameters on final vehicle performance and lap times. The results are then analyzed comparing logged data of different sessions.

Because of this article, i had a chance to come into contact with some very knowledgeable people, working respectively with Dunlop Motorsport, with bf1systems (a company producing very high level sensors, also for LMP1 and LMP2, including systems to monitor tyre pressure and temperature, including carcass temperature) and with a WEC LMP2 team. All of them provided extremely precious information and the WEC team also helped to validate the LMP2 vehicle model and its behavior (again, it was extremely interesting how good simulation can match reality).


mag 1


mag 2


mag 3


mag 4


You should definitely buy the magazine! Beside my pieces, there are also many other (more interesting) articles, including something written by Paolo Catone, father of the Peugeot 908 and, more recently, of the BR01 that raced last year in LMP2.

Beside this, i will start working with a new website, that will be online at the beginning of 2018 and will deal with news and topics related to sportscar, theRacingLine.
Hopefully the time at disposal will be enough to contribute substantially to this exciting project from my friend Dave Ellis.

Stay tuned as i will follow up soon with Shanghai WEC Race Analysis!


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