Posted by: drracing | November 10, 2016

My new Youtube Channel

Hi everybody,

for the first time ever (i guess), i am posting twice in less than a month!

But this one will be really short.

First of all, i can finally hold in my hand the latest issue of 24 Hour Race Technology, featuring again an article i wrote, this time about the performance gap between LMP1 privateers and hybrids. The work behind the article has been done using driving simulation to investigate where the LMP1-L cars performance should be and why it is not there.



The second important announcement is that i finally opened a Youtube channel , where you can see some of my vehicle models in action, with me or some better driver driving them around some of the tracks i use for my studies/projects.

The first video shows me driving in Imola the latest LMP2 vehicle model i worked on.
I know i am not the best driver, so be gentle if you want to leave a comment!

I will try to post more videos soon and always keep the channel up to date with the latest projects. It will also be showing something of a list of the vehicles i worked on on the simulation side and, basically, my available portfolio.
It gives also a chance to take a look to my home simulation setup.

I am currently working on something very very interesting and i hope i can share soon something about it here and in Youtube. It is a very new car…

In the mean time, i hope you enjoy it! Here is the link!



  1. Great video!

    Could you make a series of posts explaining your setup and the how-to make one?

    • Hi Augusto, thanks for your comment and your kind words.

      What you suggest would be really a long series and still, i would probably not be able to cover everything, since every car is really something unique.

      But i will keep it in mind, who knows…

  2. Btw, I’m an aicraft flight dynamics engineer and I also work with flight simulation (flight test planning, parameter identification, modeling).

    May we get in touch by email ? I have a great interest in race car simulation.


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