Posted by: drracing | November 3, 2015

Article in “24H Race Technology” + small updates

Hi everybody!

Since it is now some time I don’t write here, I thought I could just publish a small post about the latest projects I was involved with or I am still working on.

First of all, I am very very happy to tell that i wrote an article for a “real” magazine! As mentioned in the title of this entry, the magazine in question is “24H Race Technology” and, more specifically, I wrote a piece about Porsche 919 LMP1 front suspension, basing also on the analysis I already presented here about its rear one.

You can find something about this year issue of the magazine and about its content here.

In the mean time, I completed the LMP3 vehicle, at least basing on the available data. The work with the team involved in this project should probably go on, since they would like to provide the drivers with a vehicle model they can use to train for next season (basing on the data available about the new car they will drive) during the winter.
The very interesting point about this is that, potentially, they could get to know the car through simulation before than through a complete track testing program!
It would be interesting to see the impression they will get as soon as they will seat in the real car next year!

Some time ago, I also completed a first pass of an LMP1 vehicle model, mainly based on the data provided by Nicolas Perrin to the people supporting his open source project “MyP1“.
He is basically giving to everyone the chance to access more or less everything about the car, including CAD, Aero data, suspension data, etc, with the only exception being info about components/subsystems that are not yet clearly defined or that belongs to suppliers.
This include, for example, some key players of a vehicle model, like the engine torque curve and tires data, but I tried to find a workaround basing on experience and on inputs I found around on the web.

I will try to share some results of the first simulations I have done and to share as much data as possible here, if time allows. It would be a very good input to start a discussion about the performance of an “LMP1 non-Hybrid” like car.
I will also try to explain more in details all the assumptions on which the data are basing and that I also had to make in order to build up the car physics.
For example, all the aero data are coming by CFD simulations, since nothing has been built yet and there was no wind tunnel testing up to now. All of this have of course an impact on the accuracy of the final results.

Last but not least, I am also building a model of a GT3 mid engine race car, basing on a good amount of data i have been able to find thanks to the help of several contacts.
Since there are so many drivers racing in one of the many GT3 championships around the world, it could be a good chance to come into contact with some of them and get a feedback about the vehicle model.
Again, I will probably write something about the results here, as soon as the model is ready and will be able to run some simulations.

More about all of this to come soon!


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