Posted by: drracing | March 1, 2012

Back Again!

Here we are again.

Again a long time since the last time i wrote here. But i have very interesting news. I started a new project with some good friends and you will soon see some posts about that. Of course, a race cars, although a small and quite particular one! But hey…a sexy race car is always a sexy race car, right? Maybe she is “different” but she will always be special!

I will try to drive the thing in an engineering way, starting from high level investigations and then going little by little into details of design and choices. But the lack of time and the desire to see the car finished will surely try tu get me out of this way.

Since the last time i wrote here a lot of things in my life has changed: i got a new job, i moved to another city in another country. Actually, at the moment, i am not dealing with race car professionally any more and for some time things will surely go this way. We will then see in the (hope near) future how to get in touch with motorsport again. I am currently working for a big OEM in Germany. It’s a really interesting experience, i am seeing a lot of new things and i am using interesting tools to do my new job: new CAD (Catia V5), Adams/Chassis, TCE.

Anyway i still love race cars and i cannot completely do without them. So, for now, we can surely start to deal again with racing stuff through this project.

It will be about the design (i will do this) and the construction (mainly these friend of mine will follow up this part, hope to have a chance to help them during this phase too but since they are in Italy it will not be easy) of a small single seater car with bike engine, mainly intended to race in “autocross style” competitions. So very small wheelbase and tracks (rules give a maximum dimensions), 410 kg minimum weight for the car (without the driver) and the clear purpose in mind to build a very very very cheap vehicle. Yes, we want them to be fast and reliable, but it MUST be cheap.

The design philosophy will consequentely be based on this need: we will use a spaceframe chassis and a lot of components derived from street cars and then modified to reduce weight and suite to our needs, to get low prices and easy spare parts availability.

The car will use slick racing tyres and centerlock wheels, both very similar to formula 3 . So, since i have some data and some experience with similar tyres, some simulation stuff will sure be part of the story.

I will keep you posted. But it looks really exciting. I am sure i will have fun!



  1. Fantastic idea about making you’re own car using a motorcycle engine. How did it go?

    • Hi,

      unfortunately this project has been stopped more than one year ago and it will probably not going on anymore.

      I did a big part of the design of the front part of the car, from Roll Hoop to the front bulkhead.

      But it will always remain a CAD exercise, i guess!

      Thanks for your interest, anyway!

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