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Ok…this is not a techical post.I will talk again about tires in a short time (i hope) and i will also speak about some vehicle dynamic simulation stuff very soon (again, i hope). But today i will deal another business. It’s quite some time i wanted to talk about this stuff. Now, after i have worked all day long to load all my stuff in my small Ford Fiesta (on sunday i will move to another city, in another country to start a very very new job…) i have decided to take some time for “my self” and to write something here.

I don’t know how the situation about Motorsport TV covering is in other countries, but here in Italy you have very few possbilities to look at non-F1 races on television. In the last years the situation became a little bit better because a lot of new channels appeared and sometimes they show also other series (like F3 and some touring cars). But not so much anyway.

Now, i am not against Formula 1: i believe 2011 season has been one the most exciting of the last years. The most important reasons are probably the rules that FIA approved (like DRS, KERS) and the way Pirelli tyres lose their perfomance after some laps (so the show has probably been built in an “artificial way), but anyway i have seen some very very strong drivers fighting exciting battles and showing amazing driving. I really like today F1 guys: i strongly believe that drivers like Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton, Button, Rosberg are probably faster than the guys we had in Formula 1 some years ago (and the battle between Rosberg and Schumi is telling something about that). They are fast and they drive really well.

So, i enojy looking to F1 races and i enojed 2011 season.

But damn! Why i cannot see anything else? And why i have to give up seeing other kind of races?

This is probably one the main reasons why a lot of guys don’t know some fantastic motorsport shows like, for example, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Endurance racing in general. This is why a lot of people cannot see some amazing Formula 3 races, with drivers fighting for the victory till the last corner.

In 2011 we probably saw one of the most amazing 24 Hours of Le Mans of all times. Did you see what these cars are like? The technology they have inside? And the fight that drivers showed, although the race lasted 24 hours? No? Ok, follow the next links!




Look at the lines they use, at how some drivers go on curbs while others not, showing also how close to the edge they are. Look at that cars: they are amazing! There is everything inside them: performance, reliability (they have to last 24 hours pushing like a qualifying lap!), driveability, ergonomics (have you ever thought that their windscreen cannot steam up like sometimes happens on your car?), tyre preservation, easy of service during pitstops. I really think they are probably the most intriguing cars from an engineering point of view! And i believe they must be really interesting to drive also! And their suspensions seem to move as well! Of Course they are real Aero Cars, so ride height is surely playing an important role on their performance but they don’t have stone suspensions like F1 cars seem to have. Maybe the reason lies also in the tyres they use (very big diameters rims and very very small sidewall: they must bi very stiff, in any direction!).

And, last but not least, this is an open series, with some manufacturers involved but where also smaller companies sometimes can bring interesting products. Also the rules are quite open, probably more than F1. Next year we will have a World Championship for these cars with FIA rules. Let’s see how it will be, but it sounds really interesting!

But to see some amazing racing with non spec cars and some really hard battles as well you don’t necessarily need to look at the top edge of motorsport. Sometimes, also from a technical point of view, you an see very nice things also at the botom of Motorsport pyramid.

I have always be in love with Formula 3 cars. They are the first cars i have worked on (my first love!), but more important F3 is a real open series (acobe all for chassis, although some contries are trying to make F3 a spec series as well) where you can find and develop really interesting solutions on suspensions, gearbox, aerodynamics and where setup is not the only thing making the car faster. Aerodynamics is playing a very important role but it’s not the only dominating development area. Drivers can really learn a lot about driving and working with engineers to build up their setup and to allow car development. During the last years, Dallara became the only brand really selling F3 cars, but i had the possibility to take part to a non-Dallara F3 project some years ago (with SLC R1, in 2006) and it was amazing. Formula 3 cars are really a big big universe. To design and make them fast is absolutely not so easy. They use upd to date technology (probably the most advanced motorport technology after F1 and LMP cars). To work on them is a fantastic experience.

I have always been attracted by Formula Ford as well. I have never had the pleasure to work with these cars. Some years ago they were the only really entry class in motorsport. Today, spec series like Formula Renault 2000 have probably taken away a lot of appeal from them. But it is anyway a very interesting class: open chassis regulation, no aero devices (so a lot of importance is connected to mechanical grip and to drivers ability), open differential and (in some classes) very hard tires (even not slicks somtimes). I would really enjoyed to design/engineer a car like that! And have you ever seen a F.Ford race? It’s unbelievable how many overtakings you can see in just a race! And how this cars slide around the track! It is really fantastic! Look at it!

Australia F.Ford

Australia F.Ford 2

So…now, you wouldn’t like to see this motorsport on TV as well???


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