Posted by: drracing | September 15, 2011

Miniature Wind Tunnel

Hi everybody!

Today i want to point your (and mine) attention on some interesting videos i found on youtube.

They are not really new, cause they have been published in April, but they are anyway really interesting and could give some ideas or some food for thought.

They are about a miniature wind tunnel (1:24 scale models) an aerodynamic professional built to test some of his models. As he said, the actual result is probably better than he could expect and, also if Downforce and Drag numbers are not representative of real figures of a real car, it could be useful to have comparisons between different solutions and to understand how aerodynamics work.

The tunnel has some scales to measure downforce and a very interesting way to measure drag. Of course, no rolling belt, no rolling wheels and the models, also because of the small scale, are not perfect. This is why, as i said and as Mr Suzuka says in his video, it is not possible to trust the results. Drag and downforce are measured in grams and don’t seem to correlate with real cars values. Moerover, the funs used are able to push air at around 4 miles per hour, so not an high speed. We should work reynolds numbers to understand what is happening, but i guess also boudary layers are not behaving in any way as in a full scale wind tunnel with moving belt.

But this device is anyway cheap, simple, small and it just asks for very good abilities in models building to be used properly and to have trustable results at least from a quality point of view. So maybe it could be an intersting ideas for small companies involved with aero development in anyway.

In these videos, Mr Suzuka also shows a test procedure on a road car to eliminate lift tendencies and reduce drag from a baseline configuration. They are very very interesting and give a lot of good insights into wind tunnel aero development. The last video offers also very good indications on repeatability. Hope you will like them.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5



  1. Congratulations for your blog. The section “Miniature Wind Tunnel” is really interesting

  2. Thank you very much!

    That man is really a smart guy!

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