Posted by: drracing | July 17, 2011

Back here

After a long long time, i would like to take my block back!

A lot of things happened since the last time i wrote a post.

Superstars series 2010 season has ended with some satisfaction and some sadness, for the unexpressed potential of  the team, the driver and the car. Some organizational problems had led to a bad end, although the last race victory in Kyalami.

In the mean time, since september, i started working for an Italian Race Car Manufacturer, Gloria Cars. They mainly produce single seater cars with bike engines ranging from 1000 to 1400 and with power going from around 150 to around 225 hp. The cars are not formula 1, they are quite simple and not too sofisticated, but they are quite fast as well.

My role here is quite wide, since i work on design (i will look if it is possible to talk in anyway about that here on my blog) but i am also after all the existing cars development and problem solving. There are a lot of things to learn, a lot already learned and a lot still to discover. I am quite enjoying the possibility to work on every part of the car and on every aspect of car engineering, from design to track side work, from workshop car preparation to problem solving, from techical office leading to simulation.

Of course, the company is quite small, so the counter part is that we are just a few guys working, everybody doing a huge amount of things. So you can learn a lot everyday, but very often you don’t have the possibility to optimise what you are doing if you want the job done in time. So you end to be no specialist of anything, but you can have, on the other hand, quite a good overall view of the problems. This is quite interesting.

During the winter i had the possibility to nearly completely design a new car from scratch and although probably this car will never be built (it’s not a good period for motorsport industry), it was an amazing experience to me. The one i was looking for. Covering every aspect of the design process, from early concepts (including FIA regulations interpretation) to 3D modeling, from simulation to suppliers choice is really really amazing. Of course, it asks for a lot of hours at the office every day, but i enjoyed it. It could be nice to have the possibility to share some of the concepts here, but have to see if this is allowed or not.

Hope anyway i will have time to write more regularly about my ideas, opinions, doubts and experiences here. Let’s see!


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