Posted by: drracing | June 20, 2010

Hockenheim Race

Last week end we were in Hockenheim for 5th Race of Superstar Series.  We arrived from a really bad race in Portimao, where Johnny had to stop in both races for engine problems.

Here things seemed to go immediately quite well for us. Second best time in Free Practice 1 and best time in Free Practice 2. Just small problems with the setup and a track that seemed to be right for our car.

We went to qualifying session quite sure to be in front, but then we only took 6th place, although we were not so slower of the cars in front of us. Johnny admitted that probably he had forced the car a bit too much and had not been able to get the maximum from it. Anyway, normally at the start we always take some positions because of our good engine. So we were not worried about the race.

But during Race 1 we had a problem with the rear left suspension, and Johnny had to go through all the race with a variable camber on the outside rear wheel! He finally arived 6th, but then race director gave him a penalty of 30 seconds for a false restart after some laps behind safety car. Result: he had to start 14th for race 2. After the good start the weekend was not going how we could expect.

Before Race 2 we fixed the problem on the car and we decided for a change on front antiroll bar. And it worked quite well. At the end of the first lap Johnny was already in 8th position and after a very smart and aggressive race he ended in 3th place! Another podium! Not so bad! Everytime we have no problems on the car, we are quite fast!

We have to work a little on reliability. But at least this podium give to the whole team some more happiness to work properly for next Race! It will be in Mugello, again with Malucelli since it is an italian champ race, and Johnny only race in International Series. But last time we won with this driver…


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