Posted by: drracing | June 19, 2010

Wheel Assembly – First Pass

Here we are!

After a long time i have the first week end at home, with no racing. Last sunday i was in Hockenheim for 5th Superstars International Race, but i am going to write about this in a separate topic. This is a perfect time to have some work on my car…after i cleaned my house…it was really in a dramatic situation! Pros and cons of being away from home very often!

I am currently working on two sides. First thing: i am performing some simulations with matlab to decide for basic things, like CG longitudinal position. It is working quite well, but i want to expand my code possibilities, so i will write about this in another post; on the other hand i started to design wheel assembly and i finally ended a first pass.

For now i decided for a simple and (i hope) cheap design. I’ll probably think to two version for this car, one very cheap and simple, another one with some more attention for technology and weight, but probably more expensive.

My first idea is to use a two pieces hub, with a common SKF two raw angular contact bearing. I had some calculations about this, and i finally found the bearing i was looking for. It should be able to work properly under all the worse cases forces coming from the ground. It is probably not the lightest bearing i could found, but it is cheap. In the “expensive” version i would like to use a single piece hub with two single raw angular contact bearing, one on each side of the hub.

I took brake rotor and caliper from Gloria catalogue. One of my friend suggested that maybe to buy an old car and take from it all the usable parts it’s probably cheaper than buy every single piece of the car from different companies. Again, if i had the money, i would use different parts (lighter rims, calipers, rotors) but again i can do it later working on the “expensive” version. some pictures…As i said this is the first version…very very provisional…

Just the first pass, a lot of work still to do. For example, i didn’t design the upright yet. But it’s a starting point…


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