Posted by: drracing | May 15, 2010

Last races

Last month was very very very hard! We had two races of Superstars Championship, the second Round of International Series in Imola and the first Round of Italian Championship in Vallelunga. In the mean time i was involved in a new adventure with a team running a Formula Abarth car in Italian Championship. Then, i was also in Nurburgring for the first race of a small trophy with Formula Gloria cars, small race cars with a bike engine: quite simple but quite fast as well. A very busy month, so no time at all to write here. But after such a long time i’m back!

It’s strange: when you are very busy and you work a lot, also during week ends, you start to lose your sense of time. Sometimes, during the last days i don’t remember exactly which day of the week it actually is! Motorsport is dangerous, that’s true! And that’s true for mental sanity as well!

Let’s star from the beginning. On 18th of April i was in Imola for International Superstar Series second round. Week end started with rainy conditions and Johnny had to come there by car from England  because of Icelandic Volcano eruption and all the the ash it put in the atmosphere. All flights around Europe were stopped for some days. So he had to drive 15 hours from England to Imola and then the same to come back home! Not so bad!

By the way, the week end started very well. We had the third best time in practice with wet track. Only four wheel drive Audi Cars were better than us! But luck was not always with us during the week end..During second free practice session, we had a strange problem on the car and Johnny had to stop after just one lap because of some fire coming from the bottom of the chassis. Probably some oil loss. Then we had a tire problem in qualifying, which was still on wet track. We had the fourth best lap till all the drivers were with old tires yet. But at the end, they all put new tires while we could not, because of the problem i said. Result: 9th position on the starting grid.

First Race: a nice sun on Imola, Johnny had never driven the car on this track with dry condition before. Anyway, he started 9th but he was able to end the race in second position! And only a problem on our prop shaft, which became worse during the last laps, saved Biagi to be overtaken as well and stopped Johnny to catch his firts victory in this championship. Not so bad! The race was really funny and although the car was still not perfect Johnny was able to overtake a lot of his contenders, having also the second faster race lap.

But after that luck went away again. The problem on the prop shaft was not easy to solve and the car could not start race 2. He should be starting in 7th position and looking to what he was able to do in Race 1 starting 9th…

During the period from Imola Race to Vallelunga one we had a very hard work at the workshop, solving a lot of small problems on the car. In Vallelunga Johnny didn’t race, because the team had an agreement to make other drivers to have italian champioship races. So we met Matteo Malucelli, a young 26 years old driver with a very good experience on GT cars. We had a test with him in Imola, some days before the race. The track was wet, but he showed us he has his clear ideas of the thing and he could drive the car very fast. And so he did in Vallelunga! always in the first positions during free practices, 4th time in Qualifyng.

At the start of Race 1, he kept third position (the driver who had  to start third started from pit lane). After a few laps he overtook one of the BMW drivers and the he ended second. Not so bad to be his first race with this car!

Because of grid inversion he started 7th in Race 2. But he started immediately to push hard and began to overtake the cars in front of him, one by one. His overtake on the Blu Mercedes driven by Ferrare was really something unbelievable! At one lap from the end he was second, more than one second far from the car in front of him, Gabellini BMW. But then Gabellini had a mistake: after two corners Matteo overtook him and won the race! He had an amazing race, with lots of fantastic overtakings! Amazing! It was a really wonderful race! A real show! And it was our first victory in 2010 and he won his second race ever with this kind of cars! Moreover our best lap was nearly exactly the same than Morbidelli’s one, who then had a problem on his car and had to stop. This means we had the fastest car on track!

Now we are preparing everthing to go to Portimao for the next race, on the 23rd of May, again with Johnny on the car! Let’s see how it will go!


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