Posted by: drracing | April 6, 2010

A new project?

After looking around for a while, I found some really interesting championships in USA where nearly everybody can build his own car and race, if he is able to.

One of this old style champ I really like is Formula 1000, where you could see very well made cars built to be cheap but fast. No carbon fiber for the most important parts like chassis, a lot of freedom for constructors and 1000cc bike engines. I like this car very much, for example..

Looking to this championship site I started to ask to myself if in Italy (or in Europe anyway) there was something similar. And I found to my surprise that in Italy there is a champ where you can build your car, or at least this is what I understood reading this championship rules! Ok, for sure it’s not really like Formula 1000 in USA. This champ uses as it’s most important rules to build very very very cheap cars that can be run at very very very low cost. So, for example, they use these very hard compound not slick tires. Cars don’t look well made like Formula 1000.  But inItaly we have this champ, Formula 3 and spec series. So there is not so much choice

Formula Racing Free is this series name. They organizator created some groups (single seater) on the basis of cars (single seater) performance. The basic class (group 4), the one I am interested in for now, must use the tires I said and an Honda Hornet 600 cc engine with about 100hp for 360kg. Not so bad! Then, you must comply with FIA Formula Free Rules and that’s all.

To be honest, I am quite afraid about the need to make safety testing: I think it would cost money and a rolling chassis to destroy to comply with that. But anyway, it coul be interesting to start with a project like this! To design and build a whole car, like in Formula Student, but to have real racing! Really exciting!

I hope I can start soon to do something about this project. Maybe I also have some friends who could be interested in it too! And they could help me above all to face the building phase problems, since they are better mechanics than me!

In the mean time I am working on a simple matlab steady state cornering simulation, to chose the basic things like desired weight bias and something about suspension geometry. Of course, I will need some tire data to do so. But I am confident in AVON guys! Let’s see how it will keep going!


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