Posted by: drracing | April 2, 2010

First Race in 2010 – Monza

After a long long winter spent waiting for some good racing to come, last week end i had my first 2010 Race in Monza, first event of 2010 Superstars International Series.

Both Free Practice  (two sessions of 30 minutes) and Qualifying were on Saturday, while the two races were on Sunday with live TV  coverage on italian channel “LA7”. First time for me on TV! I had to be careful to have a good look on sunday!

After we ended up by being just  in time to go in Free Practice 1, we had some laps to check that the car, ended to build just the day before, had no problems and to warm up everything.

During the second session, with new tires, Johnny had 6th time overall. Not so bad, if you think that on this track Mercedes, with nearly 70 more hp than all the other best competitors, have a reallly big advantage.

By the way, we had to fix all the usual problems of a new car, such as driving position, some brake balance problems, gearbox and then Radio.

In qualyfing,  Johnny obtained 5th time overall, with his second set of tires. We also managed to try something on car setup, understanding that we have still a lot to improve on this area. Not so bad anyway, to know that you have room to improve your performance when you’re not in front is already a good thing! If you add that the car is completley new and we had nearly no test days before the race we can say our result is quite surprising!

By the way, to work with a driver like Johnny it’s really a pleasure. It’s the first time for me with a guy with so much experience, and you can really feel the difference. He can really tell you a lot about the car and you have always the feeling that he has everything under his control! It’s really amazing!

In Race 1, both Johnny and his team mate Zadotti had a really good start and at the first corner they were 3rd and 4th. But, Morbidelli decided to push our car on the grass…a really good job, Gianni showed its ability to do this thing in the right way. He nearly didn’t break our body work!Johnny started again in last position but after a few corner another driver braked in the middle of a straight just in front of him. Result: front left suspension destroyed and we had to star 19th in Race 2.

Anyway, after some hard work we managed to fix the car. Then Race 2 was a real show. Johnny was able to finish in 6th position, doing a lot of overtakings, some really specatular.

We have a lot of work to do on our car,  from a setup point of view but also about reliability, strength…But it was not so bad as a start! At least i had fun!

Race 2 results…

Race 2 video…


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